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Homeworld Adopts~ (Open!) 3/3 by Kosmoci Homeworld Adopts~ (Open!) 3/3 :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 31 0 Bicolor sapphire fusion by Kosmoci Bicolor sapphire fusion :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 39 0 Solunn! by Kosmoci Solunn! :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 2 0 Bloodstone~ by Kosmoci Bloodstone~ :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 16 0 Dresden Green Diamond and her entourage by Kosmoci Dresden Green Diamond and her entourage :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 33 0 Chondrodite (Closed!) by Kosmoci Chondrodite (Closed!) :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 33 10 Kuu ! by Kosmoci Kuu ! :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 9 4 Pink Diamond.. She was always so kind.. by Kosmoci Pink Diamond.. She was always so kind.. :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 47 8 Amazonite! by Kosmoci Amazonite! :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 26 5 Uranium.. by Kosmoci Uranium.. :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 12 2 Madeira Citrine! by Kosmoci Madeira Citrine! :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 17 1 Being off colored isnt so bad.. by Kosmoci Being off colored isnt so bad.. :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 51 5 Blue Sisters (Open!) by Kosmoci Blue Sisters (Open!) :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 36 7 Old Bismuth Design Doodles by Kosmoci Old Bismuth Design Doodles :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 21 2 Visting Beach City! by Kosmoci Visting Beach City! :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 39 10 Oh look.. Im crying... by Kosmoci Oh look.. Im crying... :iconkosmoci:Kosmoci 28 5




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Homeworld Adopts~ (Open!) 3/3
Seraphinite - 13$ (Open) i love her ok
Gem Location - Left eye socket. 
Background: Seraphinites usually arent fighters but very amazing healers in terms of permanent body light damage, to gem cracks. Her weapon is her voice which when she tends to talk, it almost close to mute, But she can choose who she hurts also with this voice, the voice of a seraphinite could reach high decibels that could kill a human. Another reason she doesnt want to talk most of the time unless needed. 
Fav Quote: b- but.. this is my speaking voice

Pink lace Agate - 10$ (Open)
Gem Location - Middle of chest 
Background: Pink lace doesnt really care for her position as a correctional gem for ruthless gems such as holly blue, thats why most prefer her to be under, but dont get her wrong, she can very serious times and situations, but honestly just wants to sleep like the humans at the zoo. 
Fav Quote: Could you like.. Not do that?

Bismuth aka. Tatted - 12$ (Open)   i love them too ok dont judge
Gem Location - Lower right shoulder
Background: Tatted, is just loud, they really are full of themselves, but are a loveable gem to be around, but at most times they go to far with gloating. They also usually change their tattoos for joke purposes. One time she went to far and tatted a shattered diamond symbol and yea she didnt see homeworld for awhile. 
Fav Quote: They needed a breaking point? Just use mines! HA! *points to right arm*

After buying them:
You get to own their transparent background design,
and full ownership over the gem (dont resell. Atleast credit for the design of them) 
Thank you! 
Bicolor sapphire fusion
I finally finished one of my first (idealistic) canon fusions, I feel as if Bicolor Sapphire is gonna relate to alot of people with mental issues, hence with her powers being able to see into the future and past due to Pad's defect, I hope crewiverse goes alittle out with this concept and give her downsides such as like headaches and or something, I just think that'll be a cool detail, Well iunno but ill like it c: Welp here she is! 
 ~Bicolor Sapphire~

I even made a PNG! feel free to use with me credited. :
a fullbody for someone on Af~ 

and my first actual drawing that was colored and lined of anything furry related haha 
Dresden Green Diamond and her entourage

Name: Dresden Green Diamond
Nicknames~: My diamond, Ms. Dresden, Gaia
Gemstone: A Dresden Green Diamond
Gem Location: Lower torso
Alignment: Unknown
Weapon: Very Powerful Earth Manipulation
Abilities: Again Earth Manipulation, True Sight, Very intelligent, Photosynthesis
Gender (Pronouns) : They/them, her/she, it
Occupation: Was a renounced powerful terraformer for planets, Is currently Idle
Personality: Disgusted, Very-mannerly, angry at most times

Some BackGround history of this once temporary Diamond..

Dresden to start off was never in the authority to begin with, Most gems seen her as too "fancy" to be an authority figure, Mostly causing her personality she has now
Dresden was a extremely powerful and precise terraformer along with few gems given to her in a temp. court, More or less likely such as base. "Lapis lazulis always looked up to
her patience and beautiful she done. Think of a expert landscaper is basically what she was. In her down time, Dresden would try to research organic life and study it in secret.
But one day made a virus that permanently controlled gem's physical form, and some terms could be removed from the gem's form but would never be the same again. BD knowing of such a sort
told YD one day and got her Contained in a special bubble, But dresden didnt go down too easily. Her manipulation and intelligence made her a very powerful foe. She even made two somehow controlled corrupted gems, (As seen in the picture) Both seeming to be Moss Agates. Help protect her but didnt succeeded. Rumors say that these two were close to dresden. But as the fight went on many gems fell to her skills, surprising lots before her downfall, Leaving scars in homeworld from
such damage. And is still to this day, being repaired. Dresden resides on a Moon WD owns, and her holding place, is surrounded with strange like branches that strangle the special bubble shes held in
most gems that guard this place, say they still hear her trying to break free. Its very creepy in person.


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